This is the place where I post my "graphic design" projects. I'm still learning, but I get better with each image.

You can find my video projects on my Vimeo channel.

You can view my resume at my LinkedIn profile.

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Almost there…

I’m *this* close to finishing my final video.

I had actually exported what I thought was the final version of the project. But then I watched it. There was a jump cut that I had missed near the end, so I’ve gotta fix that tomorrow.

Also, I wasn’t able to get an interview with the band because of unforeseen circumstances. So….my video may kind of come off as a news piece, because I did a voice over for it. I’m going to re-record that tomorrow too, because I think I sound a little too forced and radio announcer-ish (not normally a problem, but doesn’t sound right for this project).

Although it wasn’t what I originally had in mind, I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with.

Something I did in class yesterday.

Something I did in class yesterday.

Video Portfolio of Koby Russell

I created a channel on Vimeo to serve as a kind of online portfolio, and this is the badge I came up with. There is a banner version of it on the channel page, which you can see by clicking on the badge above.

Iron Man 2 | Augmented Reality Experience


Made Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern logo from scratch with GIMP.

Made Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern logo from scratch with GIMP.

New Man Poster

New Man Poster

Film Posters - a set on Flickr

An awesome series of custom movie posters. Very simple, Rik will love them.