This is the place where I post my "graphic design" projects. I'm still learning, but I get better with each image.

You can find my video projects on my Vimeo channel.

You can view my resume at my LinkedIn profile.

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Here it is, my final project. Or at least the version I’m turning in for deadline. I realized like 10 minutes ago that I should have done it in widescreen. Will replace it when I have time to fix it.

Almost there…

I’m *this* close to finishing my final video.

I had actually exported what I thought was the final version of the project. But then I watched it. There was a jump cut that I had missed near the end, so I’ve gotta fix that tomorrow.

Also, I wasn’t able to get an interview with the band because of unforeseen circumstances. So….my video may kind of come off as a news piece, because I did a voice over for it. I’m going to re-record that tomorrow too, because I think I sound a little too forced and radio announcer-ish (not normally a problem, but doesn’t sound right for this project).

Although it wasn’t what I originally had in mind, I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with.

Something I did in class yesterday.

Something I did in class yesterday.

Video Portfolio of Koby Russell

I created a channel on Vimeo to serve as a kind of online portfolio, and this is the badge I came up with. There is a banner version of it on the channel page, which you can see by clicking on the badge above.

Iron Man 2 | Augmented Reality Experience


Made Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern logo from scratch with GIMP.

Made Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern logo from scratch with GIMP.

New Man Poster

New Man Poster